Drake and Serena Williams Together

Aubrey Drake Graham, a Canadian rapper, 28, and American professional tennis player Serena Williams, 33, are said dating each other. Drake and Williams reportedly caught locking their lips at Wimbledon following Serena’s big win. They were spotted kissing up a storm at the tennis tournament. Romance rumors are starting again. But the two have yet to say anything about their speculated relationship. But there is definitely seems to be something going on between them. Now question is, are they heating up once again or just having some fun?

Photos of Williams and Drake have emerged in social media; they are kissing during a romantic dinner date in Cincinnati. They were caught in camera on 23 August after weeks of speculation about their relationship. It was just hours after Serena won the WTA tournament in Cincinnati.

Both headed to Sotto Eatery downtown and secured a private back room. Some folks from TMZ caught them while they were locking their lips passionately. They may be budding their relationship or just choose the perfect way to celebrate the win.

Williams’ ex Common recently gave his blessing and best wishes for his former beloved’s rekindled romance with Drake. Common is 43 and Oscar winning rapper who dated the tennis player on and off for two years between 2008 and 2010. He further mentions, “She’s doing super well on the tennis, she’s incredible so as long as she’s happy I’m good.” Although any of A-lister has yet to confirm or deny the leaked picture and their relationship, the tennis player received very kind words from her ex-boyfriend.

It had been more than months of speculation that they might be more than just friends. Little flirtation was finally confirmed. Drake was seen in WTA tournament in Cincinnati cheering on Serena in July 2015. His presence in the tournament may be the symbol of something going on between them.




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